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Welcoming New Scouts How you can help build more adventure into recruitment this season.

FALL IS AN EXCITING TIME for all of us to introduce Scouting to thousands of young people during our membership drives. Now we have new recruit- ment tools to make that endeavor even more rewarding. The new national recruitment theme, “Build an Adventure,” was rolled

out at the National Annual Meeting in May and evokes a sense of the fun, unique experiences that young boys will not want to miss. The theme delivers a sense of urgency and reminds parents and their

children alike that these adventures are there for the taking and entirely attainable through Scouting. We balance the fun that boys love with the character building, growth and aspiration that parents want. Featuring diverse adventures appealing to youth, “Build an Adventure”

also demonstrates to parents that Scouting builds a solid foundation of char- acter, values and education that stays with their children for a lifetime — reinforcing that there is a small window to really make an impact on children and shape who they may become as adults. We’ll show and tell our story simply

and directly through “Build an Adventure,” demonstrating to young people what Scouts do and how to make the most of right now. Make friends. Catch fish. Climb rocks.

Explore caves. Help people. Race cars. Camp out. And do much, much more. Our message is that Scouts can “Build

an Adventure” to have fun and build con- fidence while still learning many skills and

values that will serve them well later in life. We tested many ideas with parents and children in major markets to

make sure we were on track with this approach. Our research also showed us how Scouting can fill a critical need: to make the most of the little time parents have to make a positive impact on their children. I believe “Build an Adventure” will be a solid program we can all

embrace to take our recruiting efforts to a new level. The sustainability of our organization depends on this kind of fresh and innovative thinking to bring more young people on board to experience Scouting. Make “Build an Adventure” part of your recruiting efforts. Look for the

complete set of tools and resources at Let’s live our new tagline that will be appearing in PSAs and fliers and

on billboards, email blasts, Web banners and social media: Adventure is waiting. Build yours at



Scoutîng VOL. 102, NO. 4  SEPT-OCT 2014

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