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even more a part of the new Cub Scouting. Boys will receive an adventure loop

for their Cub Scout belt aſter complet- ing adventures at the Tiger, Wolf and Bear levels. Boys working on Webelos and Arrow of Light ranks will receive adventure pins when each adventure is completed. These belt loops and pins have


These nine Scouters earned the Silver Buffalo Award, the highest honor available for volunteers in Scouting. It’s given for noteworthy and extraor- dinary service to youth at the national level, and it’s extremely rare. Just 741 Silver Buffaloes have been named in the 88-year history of the award. For more on these recipients’ service to youth, visit

Left to right from top: DAVID L. BECK, Great Salt Lake Council, Salt Lake City, Utah; TOBY CAPPS, Chief Seattle Council, Renton, Wash.; MICHAEL G. HOFFMAN, Grand Canyon Council, Scottsdale, Ariz.; JOE MANCHIN, Mountaineer Area Council, Fairmont, W.Va.; ROBERT J. SMITH, Monmouth Council, Holmdel, N.J.; WILLIAM W. STARK JR., Pacific Skyline Council, Los Altos Hills, Calif.; MARK LEWIS STOLOWITZ, San Francisco Bay Area Council, Pleasanton, Calif.; RALPH WILSON “CHIP” TURNER, Longhorn Council, Fort Worth, Texas; ROSEMARY M. WIXOM, Great Salt Lake Council, Salt Lake City, Utah.

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been completely redesigned — just like the new youth handbooks and new den leader guides. Meeting attendees received printed samples of these publications to see what they’re in for next year, but you didn’t have to be present in Nashville, Tenn., to get a look. Go to to download your copy for free. That’s also where you’ll find

adventure requirements and insignia; an introduction to Ethan, the new cartoon character (shown at right) who will guide Cub Scouts through the program; a transition guide; and answers to frequently asked questions. Almost all of the brains behind

Cub Scouting’s big upgrade are vol- unteers, and all of those volunteers are Cub Scouters. That means they understand what parents want their boys to get out of Cub Scouting because they’ve been there with their own packs. The team of more than 100 volun-

teers from across the country, led by Russ Hunsaker, analyzed the current Cub Scout program and literally wrote the book on Cub Scouting’s big upgrade. Look for a complete guide to the

reimagined Cub Scouting program in our May-June 2015 issue.

we have the requirements. The new Venturing awards are designed to help young men and women develop their personal vision into manageable goals. Venturers could start working on


Venturing Awards Reach New Heights WE KNEW THE NAMES; now

Interest in the new Cub Scout program, debuting in May 2015, brought hundreds of visitors by the Cub Scout exhibit (above) for a look at the new adventure loops and pins. On the top left of this page, check out (clockwise from bottom left) Tiger’s Tiger Bites, Bear’s Fellowship of Faith, Wolf’s Digging in the Past, Webelos’ Adventures in Science and Webelos Walkabout. See more at

the Venturing, Discovery, Pathfinder and Summit awards beginning June 1. Current Venturers automatically get the Venturing award and can skip to working on Discovery. New Venturers will need to start by earning the Venturing award. All Venturers have until the end of

2014 to finish any work on the soon- to-be-retired Bronze, Gold and Silver awards before they’re required to switch to the new awards. Most, though, will want to make

the change from the rarely earned pre- vious awards to the new ones, which include requirements that emphasize adventure, leadership, personal devel- opment and service. All of the new awards’ require-

ments fit within the context of every Venturing crew, regardless of its spe- cialty. Venturers will realize they’re checking off requirements by doing the fun activities they’d do anyway. Find the full requirements and a

look at the new insignia at programupdates. ¿

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