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AWARDS FAQs With Honors

HOWDOES MANHATTAN’S COMMUTER CULTURE AFFECT YOU? Some fami- lies work in the city, and some have their children go to school in the city but live in the outer boroughs like Brooklyn. Some families come from different boroughs and then go home aſter Scouting. It’s more convenient.

ALL 35 KIDS WHO CAME TO YOUR LAST OPEN HOUSE JOINED THE PACK. HOW DID YOU PULL THAT OFF? It’s got to be exciting for them. That first meeting is going to make or break you. We did a breakout session where the boys made first-aid kits. Also, each year we pur- chase a pack T-shirt, and I have those prepared for our open house. If you commit that night, your son gets his shirt immediately.

WHAT’S IT LIKE NOT TO HAVE A SON IN THE PACK YOU SERVE? It’s much easier. When you have to work on making sure your kid is advancing and that his homework is done, it’s really hard. It’s easier when you don’t have children in the unit because you have more time to be able to work with everything that needs to be done.

DOES THE PROGRAM START TO FEEL STALE AFTER THREE DECADES? Each year, I make the program a little dif- ferent. You have to constantly change so that you can get the boys to come back the following year.

HOWDO YOU STAYMOTIVATED AFTER SOMANY YEARS? There are times that I’ve felt really burned out. What keeps me going is the boys. I really do love the kids. If I can offer them a program that they can’t get anywhere else, it’s all worth it to me. ¿

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Special awards recognize den and patrol excellence.

JUST AS A CHAIN is only as strong as its weakest link, a Cub Scout pack or Boy Scout troop is only as strong as its weakest den or patrol. That’s why the BSA created the National Den Award and the National Honor Patrol Award. These twin honors show Scouts and Scouters how to make their dens and patrols stronger.

WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF THE NATIONAL DEN AWARD? To encourage dens to have a quality year-round program. To qualify, dens do service and conservation projects, Cub Scout Academics and Sports activities, field trips, character-building activities and camping trips.

WHAT ARE THE REQUIREMENTS FOR THE DEN AWARD? Find a list of requirements on the appli- cation:

HOW OFTEN CAN A DEN EARN THE DEN AWARD? Once a year. The pack committee determines the timing, either at the end of the charter year or the end of the calendar year.

WHO DETERMINES THAT A DEN HAS EARNED THE DEN AWARD? The den leader submits the application to the Cubmaster or commit- tee chair for approval.

WHAT RECOGNITION ITEM GOES WITH THE DEN AWARD? The den can display the National Den Award ribbon (No. 17631; above right) on its den flag.

HOW LONG CAN THE DEN DISPLAY THE AWARD RIBBON? As long as it remains an active den within the pack.

WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF THE NATIONAL HONOR PATROL AWARD? To encour- age patrols to have identity and spirit, be active, do Good Turns and service projects, complete rank advancement, wear the uniform, be organized, participate with the troop and grow in size.

WHAT ARE THE REQUIREMENTS FOR THE PATROL AWARD? Find a list of requirements on the application: patrolaward.


WHO DETERMINES IF A PATROL HAS EARNED THE PATROL AWARD? The patrol leader submits the applica- tion to the Scoutmaster for approval. He or she deter- mines whether the patrol has qualified.

WHAT RECOGNITION ITEM GOES WITH THE PATROL AWARD? Members of the patrol can wear the gold star (No. 367; above leſt) under their patrol emblems.

WHICH PATROL MEMBERS CAN WEAR GOLD STARS? All members of the patrol when the award was earned.

HOW LONG CAN A SCOUT WEAR GOLD STARS ON HIS UNIFORM? As long as he is a member of the patrol.

I’VE HEARD OF THE BADEN- POWELL PATROL AWARD. WHAT’S THE CONNECTION? The National Honor Patrol Award was formerly called the Baden-Powell Patrol Award.

HOW CAN PACKS AND TROOPS PROMOTE THESE AWARDS? Review progress at pack leader meetings and patrol leaders’ council meetings, post progress charts in their meeting places and plan a unit program that includes the required activities. ¿

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