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Blister Beaters You can reduce blisters while hiking if you wear two pairs of socks—a medium- weight outer sock and a thin, inner liner. Wear the liners inside out—abrasive seams away from your skin.

Smooth Move For years I carried a sheet of sandpaper on my outings. It was useful to smooth wooden paddle shafts, polish the joints on aluminum tent poles, and roughen surfaces to be glued. Then, one day I saw a woman with a nail board, and I went right out and bought one. Get the heavy-duty type that has wet-dry paper on both sides. Keep an open mind and you’ll find plenty of tricks to steal. My policy is to give credit the first time. After that, it’s mine. ¿

CLIFF JACOBSON is a Distinguished Eagle Scout and the author of more than a dozen popular outdoors books.

Tracks all advancement, personal data, OA, Mic-O-Say, Varsity, Venturing, and Sea Scouts, activities/attendance plus fundraisers, LDS Duty To God award and much more! 

Includes the latest BSA advancement changes! 

TroopMaster® 

Personal data is now encrypted. Hide sensitive data items. 

Extensive number of reports to help keep you organized!

PackMaster® 

Includes the latest BSA advancement changes! 

Tracks personal data, advancement, activities/attendance plus fundraisers, LDS Faith In God award and much more. 

NOW tracks details/subrequirements for all ranks/awards. 

Includes latest BSA advancement/recharter changes. 

Personal data is now encrypted. Hide sensitive data items. 

Tremendous variety of reports to help you run your pack.

TroopLedger or PackLedger 

Usable at both pack and den levels (with our DotNet feature). 

User-defined accounts for asset/liability, income/expense, reserve funds. 

Full-featured accounting system with account balancing/budgeting, payment schedules, reserved funds, equipment inventory, dues. 

Individual scout/adult and patrol/den accounts with easy credit/debit. 

Many new reports and options! MORE!!

TroopMaster Web or PackMaster Web 

New web-based add-on. Now includes FREE customizable website. 

Allows all members of your unit to access their records via the web.

DotNet (for TroopMaster, PackMaster or ADMS) 

Centralized, multi-user database access on an FTP server!

Automated District Management System 

Tracks adult personal data, training, leadership, awards, O/A plus activities, training schedules, FOS, MB Counselors, and MORE! 

Tracks unit data, including meeting place, membership, advancement, roundtable attendance, visitations, FOS, popcorn sales, more. 

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Comprehensive training management and reports capability. MORE!!

*Fully certified by BSA for use with the ScoutNET Internet Recharter and Internet Advancement systems


Order MUST include unit type (Troop, Pack or District) and unit number/name. All products run under Windows 95/98/ME/2000/NT/XP/Vista/Windows 7. All software includes site license for the entire unit, unconditional 90 day money back guarantee, and full user-support. (Not an official product of BSA.)

Activity Uniform Of Zip-Lines, Summits, Arrows, Geocaching, Tents & Outdoors!

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Manufactured under license from the Boy Scouts of America. All rights reserved.


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·Court of Honor Award Cards ·Merit Badge “Blue Cards”

TroopMaster and PackMaster can now print the Award Cards for your next award ceremony. TroopMaster can also print your scouts’ Merit Badge Application “Blue Cards”. Using our new, perforated cardstock, you can generate hundreds of cards in a matter of minutes. No more wasted hours or writer’s cramp from filling cards out by hand. With all of the badges your scout’s have earned over the summer, there couldn’t be a better time. Avoid Delays - Order your cards today!

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2011 - Our 26th Anniversary!




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