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A Time of Faith and Family The Chief shares his wishes for you and your family this holiday season.

NO MATTER WHAT traditions someone celebrates, the holidays are a special time to renew one’s faith. For my family, we celebrate Christmas and the birth of Christ. I love everything about the holidays. I enjoy the festive spirit, the music and

the time with family and friends. My wife, Ernestine, loves to decorate. She usually starts in October to have every room in the house decorated by Thanksgiving. All the living spaces have trees. Each tree has a theme, such as the family tree that is decorated with family photos going back to our childhood. I think the most full-size trees we’ve had is 11. We decorate the outside of the house, too. Our holidays are always spent with

family. Since we have family in Texas and North Carolina, we alternate between the two states. Some years we spend Thanksgiving in one place and Christmas in another. No matter where we are, it is a special time for us. I especially remember Christmas

morning when I was a child. Like most chil- dren, I looked forward to a visit from Santa. Unlike today, we did not go to shopping malls. We lived in rural North Carolina, and there were no shopping malls. Instead, we made our Christmas wish lists by looking at the Sears and J.C. Penney catalogs. My favorite Christmas memory from my

childhood was when I got a ventriloquist dummy. I was fascinated by how a ven- triloquist could make him appear to talk. I named the dummy Jerry and still have him

today, except now he is dressed in a Boy Scout uniform that I had custom made! Holiday memories like these aren’t necessarily reserved for one faith or

family. I hope each of you will create many special memories with your families as you celebrate together. Ernestine and I wish you all the best for a warm, happy and memorable holiday season — from our family to yours.

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