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Lessons Learned Factory floors that cover half a square mile don’t appear on every street corner, and there’s only one Harley- Davidson Museum, but your troop can draw on the lessons learned in Milwaukee and Marietta to set up its own Engineering merit badge program. Here are some suggestions: fSeek out engineers who are doing interesting work. Engineering is a vast field that includes such specialties as civil, mechanical, electrical, chemical, manufactur- ing and aeronautical engineering. Check around your community for engineers whose projects would interest your Scouts.

fEncourage interactivity. No one — especially a 12-year-old boy — wants to hear a boring lecture. Encourage guest speakers to bring along models, videos and other

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props that will illustrate the prin- ciples they’re going to discuss.

fDraw connections with Scouts’ experiences. Kids today are tech- nologically savvy. Build on their experience with cellphones, video games and other high-tech devices.

fConsider your Scouts’ maturity. While Scouts of any age can earn the Engineering merit badge, older Scouts might be more successful at it. “In most cases, Scouts with the rank of Second Class and above pick up the information quicker because they are a bit more mature,” Howard says.

More Than a Badge Like many merit badges, Engineering is designed to introduce Scouts to a potential career field, and Howard has Scouts tell him every February that they want to be engineers. In fact,

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he says, “some of the engineers here were Scouts and have attended our program. Whether they chose it spe- cifically because of that, I don’t know.” But even those who don’t become

engineers can learn valuable lessons. Stachewicz says Scouts who visit the Harley-Davidson Museum are often surprised at how much plan- ning, testing and trial and error are involved in engineering. “It’s hard to find perfection,” she says. “You have to do something and redo it and redo it until you get to a final product. I like when the boys learn that in the design lab.”

On the Web For more on the Harley-Davidson Museum, visit You can find information on Lockheed Martin’s merit badge classes at merit ¿


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