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GROUND RULES by cl i f f jacobson How Will You Fare Out There?

Are you an outdoors expert or newbie? Find out in our backcountry camping quiz.

b) Trucker’s hitch, half hitches and sheet bend c) Bowline, overhand knot, Prusik knot d) Clove hitch, taut-line hitch, bowline

4 Knots used to rig tents and tarps should always be completed with: a) An S knot b) Two half hitches c) A stopper knot d) A slippery (quick-release) loop

CAMPING IN AN AREA where help is hours or days away requires practiced skills and knowledge. Can your Scouts make fire in the rain? Rig tents and tarps so they won’t blow down in wind? Identify an advancing storm? Take this quiz and see how much you know about the wild outdoors. Hint: Some questions have more than one right answer. Select all that apply.

1 Heavy rains have been predicted for your outing. To keep water from flooding your tent, you should: a) Place a plastic ground cloth under the floor. Be sure it doesn’t extend beyond the floor. b) Place a plastic ground cloth inside your tent. Make the ground cloth a foot larger than the tent, all around.

c) Dig a shallow trench around the 38 S COUTING ¿ MAY•JUNE 2014

tent perimeter. Slope the trench so it will drain water. d) Equip every tent with a sponge so accumulated water can be quickly removed.

2 Which of these would not be a good fire starter? a) Dead, pencil-thin sticks from the base of an evergreen tree b) Splittings from a dead evergreen stump c) Green cedar (cedar oil) foliage d) Resin from the trunk of a balsam fir or spruce tree e) Newspaper

3 Which knots/hitches are best used to rig a tent, rain tarp or clothesline? a) Square knot, sheet bend and timber hitch

5 Boots should be sized so you can wear two pairs of socks — one thick pair and one thin pair. Socks should be wool or synthetic, but not cotton. You should: a) Wear the thin pair inside out next to your skin. Then put on the thick pair. b) Same as above but wear both socks right side out. c) Put on the heavy socks first, inside out. Then put on the lighter socks. d) It doesn’t matter how you wear your socks.

6 Your campsite is on a slight incline. You’ll have to level your bed with spare clothes to sleep comfort- ably. The best way to pitch your tent is: a) With the head end facing uphill b) With the foot end facing uphill c) Sideways to the hill d) It doesn’t matter as long as you have a nice, thick sleeping mat.

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