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ARE YOUR SEA SCOUTS MOSTLY FORMER BOY SCOUTS? Most of my youth were never in Scouting before. One thing I like to do, when I talk to Boy Scouts who are interested, is ask them if they have a sister. There are a lot of sisters who watch their brothers do really cool stuff in Boy Scouting and are envious that they don’t get the same opportunities. Sea Scouting is something they can get into.

DO YOU NEED BOATING EXPERTISE TO BE A SEA SCOUT LEADER? If you don’t have any knowledge at all, you can go to the United States Power Squadron, which has ready-made curriculum and instructors that match up with Sea Scout rank requirements, or the Coast Guard Auxiliary, which also has an edu- cation program. You can also bring in consultants to help deliver the content.

HOW CAN SEA SCOUT LEADERS FIND SUPPORT WHEN THEIRS MAY BE THE ONLY SHIP IN THEIR DISTRICT OR COUNCIL? Use Facebook pages and online message boards. Right now, there’s a guy out in Atlanta who’s getting his ship up and going. He’s tapped into the Texas network because we’re actually getting to be quite strong. Find us on the Web; every Sea Scout leader I know would love to get a call from a new Sea Scout program trying to grow and improve. We all want to see more ships chartered and help exist- ing ships grow their program. ¿

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No Child Left Inside

How to help your Cub Scouts pursue the Outdoor Activity Award.

SCOUTING IS ALL ABOUT outing, and Cub Scouts are all about swag. With the Cub Scout Outdoor Activity Award, you can recognize Scouts who are active in the out-of-doors.

WHOCANEARNTHECUB SCOUT OUTDOOR ACTIVITY AWARD? All Cub Scouts, from Tiger Cubs through Webelos Scouts. To earn the award, Scouts must attend an age-appropriate Cub Scout day camp or Cub Scout/ Webelos Scout resident camp; complete rank-specific requirements; and complete a specified number of other outdoor-oriented require- ments. (New this year, Tiger Cubs can attend Cub Scout/ Webelos Scout resident camps with their adult partner or guardian; read more about this change at Requirements for the award vary at each level; visit scout for more detailed requirements.

CAN A BOY EARN THE AWARD MORE THAN ONCE? Yes, he can earn it once during each program year, so long as he meets the requirements.

CAN A SCOUT REPEAT AN ACTIVITYFORCREDITIN A SUBSEQUENT YEAR? Yes. However, leaders should encourage boys to build on skills and experiences from previous years when working on the award for a successive year. Youth are not expected to participate in a different camp experience each year, but if that is possible it may help continually challenge youth in different ways and give them new and fun things to do.

WHAT RECOGNITION ITEMS DO RECIPIENTS RECEIVE? The first time a boy earns the award, he receives the Cub Scout Outdoor Activity emblem (No. 14235; shown above). It goes on the right pocket flap of his uniform shirt. Each addi- tional time he earns the award, he receives a Wolf Track pin (No. 14236) that’s worn on the pocket flap emblem.

WHAT ACTIVITIES QUALIFY FOR THE CUB SCOUT OUTDOOR ACTIVITY AWARD? Thirteen specified activities qualify, including participating in a nature hike or pack overnighter, explaining the

buddy system, earning the Summertime Pack Award, and exploring a local city, county, state, or national park and discussing how a good citizen obeys park rules. See the Cub Scout Outdoor Activity Award brochure (No. 13-228) for a detailed list.

DO THE ACTIVITIES HAVE TO BE DONE AS A PACK? Some, such as attending a pack over- nighter, are by definition pack activities. Others, the den or family can do.

DURINGWHICH PERIOD MUST THE REQUIREMENTS BE COMPLETED? Requirements for each rank must be com- pleted during the time period a Scout is eligible to be working on that specific rank.

HOW DOES OUR PACK APPLY FOR THE AWARD FOR SCOUTS? Submit a copy of the Cub Scout Outdoor Activity Award application (No. 512- 013) to your local council for each Scout. ¿

LEARN MORE about the Outdoor Activity Award at csoutdoor.

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