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Two Olympians Are SCTP Grads

American Olympic shooting medalists Vincent Hancock

and Corey Cogdell helped develop their skills by participating with friends on teams enrolled in the Scholastic Clay Target Program (SCTP). Developed by the National Shooting Sports Foundation, SCTP is now administered by the Scholastic Shooting Sports Foundation and continues to introduce school-age youth grades 12 and under to trap, skeet and sporting clays. At the same time, participants learn the safe and responsible use of firearms, develop character and citi- zenship through teamwork and are introduced to a fun, life- time sport. All participants shoot in state competitions and are eli-

gible to compete in the SCTP national championships as well. Many troops have formed SCTP teams. Why not have your troop participate in SCTP? Learn more at

Vincent Hancock


• To learn more about and to reg- ister for the Junior USA Shooting Team patch pro- gram, visit Registration may only be done online!

• Want to find a range near you? Visit

• Interested in the Scholastic Clay Target Program? Learn more at

• If you want to keep up with the Olympic shooters on the USA Shooting Team, go to



is every shooter’s first responsibility

for BB rifles, air guns or .22 rifles, and a score sheet for trap and skeet shooting. Follow the directions below for youth to shoot the target or a round of trap or skeet. Then follow the instructions at to obtain the Junior USA Shooting Team2010 patch.Good

luck!Youthmustbesupervisedbyanadultfor thisactivity.

The first thing youwill need to do is knowand enforce these safety rules:

1. Always keep themuzzle of the gun pointed in a safe direction—never at yourself or others.

2. Always wear ear and eye protection when shooting.

3. Keep the gun’s “action”open—do not load it until you are on the shooting range and ready to shoot. Unload it as soon as you are through.

4. Keep your finger off the trigger until you are aiming at the target and are ready to shoot.

5. Be sure of your target and what’s beyond it—shoot only at targets with proper backstops.



Registering shooterswho have earned their Junior USA Shooting Teampatches must be done online. Visit to get them registered.Also, keep inmind that you can receive patches in advance of your program or event by going to and completing the requested information under the“Adult leaders— order patches online” link. Please allow four to six weeks advance notice.

6. Treat every firearmas if it were loaded—don’t rely on your gun’s “safety.” 7. Use only the ammunition that is correct for the firearmbeing used. 8. Store guns and ammunition separately in locked, secure storage. For details about these safety rules and information about safe firearms storage, visit

NSSF’s Project ChildSafe®Web site,

Beginning shootersmust be supervised by a qualified adult—parent, Scout leader, camp director or firearms instructor at a shooting range.

Junior USA Shooting Team2010—Official Rules

All shooting, including practice,must be done under ADULT SUPERVISION and in accordance with the rules of firearms safety (see above) and BSA standards for the shooting sports. The supervising adultmust score and sign the target.

is every shooter’s first responsibility

Here’s HowYouth Can EarnTheir“Team2010”Shotgun and Rifle Patches

In this special section you will find a bull’s-eye target


Additional Rules for Earning a


1. Under adult supervision and using the target in this section, shoot a total of five (5) shots at the target and reach aminimum score of 35 points. You maymake copies of this target—either by tracing or photocopying (and also available at— and practice until you achieve the goal—but only five shots are allowed per target.

2. If you are shooting a BB gun, set your target out 15 feet fromthe shooting station. If you are shooting an air gun, set your target out 33 feet. If you are shooting a .22 rifle, set your tar- get out 50 feet.

3. Have the supervising adult score and sign your target.

Additional Rules for Earning a SHOTGUN


1. Under adult supervision, using the trap and skeet shooting score sheet included in this section, shoot a regulation round of trap or skeet.

2. To earn a shotgun patch youmust shoot a complete round of trap or skeet (25 targets) and earn aminimumscore of 7 broken targets.

3. The score sheet printed in this section (and also available at be photocopied and used for practice until a qual- ifying score is achieved.

4. Have the supervising adult sign your scoresheet.

To get your patch,order online at

Be sure you completely fill out theWeb form.

The National Shooting Sports Foundation will send your patch. Entriesmust be received no later than

December 31, 2010.

Special Shooting Sports Section From The National Shooting Sports Foundation

(©2010 NSSF)


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