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VOL. 98, NO. 2 a71 MAR-APR 2010
parents and Scouts that any Game On?
J. Warren Young Publisher
boy could be an Eagle. It was I was horrified when I read
J. D. Owen Editor-in-Chief
up to him to challenge himself in the 100th anniversary Magazine Division
to get there. Unlike a sport, edition of Scouting that “Video Scott Daniels Managing Editor
it was not a situation where Games” would soon be offered John Clark Senior Editor
someone wins while others in the Cub Scout Academics Bryan Wendell Associate Editor
lose. That ability to challenge program, and that boys would Scott Feaster Design Director
myself and work to a goal has be eligible to earn a belt loop
helped me all through my life. for it.
Elizabeth Hardaway Morgan
Senior Art Director
Francis W. Kearney I have struggled to come
John R. Fulton Jr. Photographs
up with any requirements that
Edna J. Lemons Photo Editor
I enjoyed the “I’m No Good
would promote video games
Bryan Wursten Online Editor
at Sports!” article. One thing
in a way to benefit Scouting
Linda Lawrence Assistant to the
I have never seen is reference
and the boys’ lives. On the
Managing Editor
An Informative Source to “nonathletic” involvement
contrary, we actively seek to
Bob Wiemers Operations Director
I wanted to let you know that in sports. A boy does not have
dissuade electronics as part of
Lenore Bonno Production Manager
the January-February edition to be a star player. If he knows
our program by disallowing the
Lisa Hott Advertising
Production Manager
of Scouting magazine was the the rules of the game, he can
use of MP3 players, portable
Marcie Rodriguez Imaging Artist
best issue ever. As an adult be a referee or scorekeeper.
game stations, cell phones,
John W. Ingram Circulation Director
leader for the past six years, I A reputation for honesty and
etc., on any pack or den activi-
Judy Bramlett Customer Relations
have received (and kept) every fairness can earn him a life-
ties. I know from attendance Manager
issue. Every page of this issue time of respect.
at roundtable that most other Eugene Handon Traffic Manager
was informative. There wasn’t Melanie Hazelrig
packs have the same rules. Brian Cabanban Business Manager
a page that I skipped!
MADISON, ALA. Why would a program
Lois Roethel Market Research/
that emphasizes physical
Promotion Manager
Robynn Jasper
Where the Buffalo Roams
fitness and outdoor pursuits
In your article about the
Special Contributors
espouse an activity that pro-
Jeff Csatari, Mary Jacobs, Cliff Jacobson, Josh
Pawhuska Pride Buffalo River [Trail Tips,
motes the opposite? It seems
Piven, H. Kent Rappleye, Mark Ray, Stephen
What a wonderful 100th January-February], you forgot
Regenold, Larry Rice, Candy Sagon, Chris Tucker
the folks who are coming up
Anniversary edition of to mention there is a Boy
with achievements such as
Scout camp there. Camp Orr
Barry Brown Director of Advertising
Scouting, worthy of the extra
this are woefully out of touch
EAST COAST SALES: (212) 532-0985
pages and special cover. has been there for more than
with what the rank and file
Kenneth Lipka, Patricia Santangelo,
However, I was disap- 50 years, giving out-of-state
Regional Advertising Managers
are looking to get out of the
pointed that your history line Scout troops high-adventure
MIDWEST SALES: (312) 629-5230
program. Mark Adeszko, Publisher’s Representative
beginning on page 28 ignored activities with the river and
Gary Golub WEST COAST SALES: (818) 972-9650
the 1909 founding of the first mountains. HORSHAM, PA.
Chuck Carroll, Publisher’s Representative
troop in Pawhuska, Okla. You Stan Vlademar
Rani Monson of the BSA’s
can read all about it and see
FORT SMITH, ARK. The President of
Innovation Group responds: The the United States
a swell photo if you search
Video Games belt loop and pin
BARACK OBAMA Honorary President BSA
Google for “Boy Scouts of
John Gottschalk President BSA
When I got to the end of the
accomplishes several goals while
America” and “Pawhuska.”
Robert J. Mazzuca Chief Scout Executive
Cub Scout article “Brrrr-illiant”
appealing to youth and remain-
Lawrence Gibbs
James B. Kobak Chairman Magazines
[Cub Scout Corner, January-
ing true to Scouting’s core values Advisory Committee
February], I found that it
and principles. For example, one
Pawhuska did have a Boy Scout
ended mid-sentence.
requirement asks a Cub Scout
troop as early as 1909. But
is published five times a year by the Boy Scouts of
Dennis Kirson
to explain why a game ratings America, P.O. Box 152079, Irving, TX 75015-2079.
several other communities boast ALBUQUERQUE, N.M.
system is important. The goal
Issues are January-February, March-April, May-June,
September-October, November-December.
that they are home to the first
Due to a production error, the
is for a Cub Scout to select an Copyright © 2010 by the Boy Scouts of America.
official Boy Scout unit.
All rights thereunder reserved; anything appearing
final paragraph was omitted. It
age-appropriate game, which
in Scouting may not be reprinted either wholly or in
should have read: “Bottom line:
he has saved money to buy,
part without written permission. Send stamped, self-
Power Outlet
addressed envelope with unsolicited manuscripts,
Keep it simple, and make it fun.
and then play it with his family. photos, illustrations. Scouting will not be responsible
I read with great interest for manuscripts, photos, illustrations in its office or in
the column on the Nature of
A well-planned cabin camping
Another requirement focuses on
transit. Postmaster: Send address change to Scouting
experience can provide a fun,
consumer education by asking
magazine, P.O. Box 152401, Irving, TX 75015-2401.
Boys, titled “I’m No Good at
Periodical postage paid at Irving, Tex., and at addi-
Sports!” [January-February].
safe venue where Cub Scouts
the Cub Scout to check a game’s
tional mailing offices. ADDRESS CHANGE OR MISSED
can warm to the outdoors—even
price at three different stores,
COPIES: Notify Scouting magazine, P.O. Box 152401,
That was me almost 50 years
Irving, TX 75015-2401. Send label from old copy, or
when it’s cold out.” We regret
evaluate the return policies, and give name, address, Scouting unit, and position (for
ago. Scouting was my outlet. change of address give both old and new addresses).
As a Scoutmaster, I often told
the error.
determine the best value.
All registered Scouters receive Scouting magazine.
$2 of the registration fee is for the subscription.
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