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Ground rules
Storm Hero
Nine fine tips to
disaster-proof your
campsite when bad
weather moves in.
AS I CANOED a popular lake in the
Boundary Waters Canoe Area after
a storm, I came upon a snug camp
occupied by a troop of older Scouts.
The guys were relaxing by a blanulling
fire and sipping hot chocolate. nullearby
stood a crisply rigged tarp with senulleral
dry packs around it.

I told the Scoutmaster that enullery
camp Inulld passed that morning nullexcept
hisnull was a disasternull flooded tents, lines
brimming with wet clothes, not a can sew the loops by hand or with a folding saw. nullse a splitting wedge or
campfire in sight. nulle listened with sewing machine. handnullaxe for splitting small logs to get
a smile and then proudly answered, nullrdinarily, you wonnullt hanulle to stake at the dry heartwood inside.
nullnullep, we got us one bombnullproof the extra loops, but if a high wind
canoe camp herenullnull comes up, those nullstorm loopsnull can 8 EvERyONE NEEDS A SIttINg pad.
A nullbombnullproofnull camp doesnnullt nullust make the difference between a tent The ground gets wet during a rain, so
happennull you must meticulously plan that surnullinulles the storm and one that bring a piece of closednullcell foam.
and execute one. To become a hero doesnnullt. Where possible, secure storm
during a storm, follow these rulesnull lines to the framework of the tent, 9 DON’t lEAvE hOmE wIthOut a
not the fly. Try to locate storm loops nylon tarp. A nullnullnullbynullnullnullnullfoot tarp, with
1 READ EvERy CAmpINg bOOk you so they attach with nullelcro to nearby enough cord and stakes to rig it, pronull
can findnull enullen the old ones hanulle some poles, transferring stress to the frame. nullides a dry place to cook and make
good stuff. repairs. The alternatinullenull nullognullhouse it
4 bRINg twICE AS mANy stakes as inside your tent until the storm lifts.
2 AlwAyS uSE A wAtERpROOf plastic your tent needs for a normal setup. I suggest one rain fly for enullery finulle
ground cloth inside your tentnullexcept Two stakes per loopnulleach set at a difnull campers.
in winter when the tentnulls bottom ferent anglenullwill double the surface If you bring two tarps, you can rig
would freenulle to the ground. nullSee area and holding power. one leannullto style nullopen front, back
nullBedding nullown Without the nullnullwnullnull in staked downnull and nullfloatnull the other
our Septembernullnullctober nullnullnullnull issue.null 5 bRINg A vARIEty Of tENt stakes so onullerhead to pronullide a horinullontal
that younullll hanulle what holds best in difnull awning. If you leanulle an air space
3 SEw ADDItIONAl StAkE lOOpS to ferent types of ground. between the onullerlapped tarps, smoke
the body of your tent. The common from a backlogged fire will be drawn
three or four loops per side pronullided 6 AttACh lOOpS Of ShOCk cord to out through the nullceiling holenull rather
by the manufacturer usually arennullt highnullstress storm lines. nullylon tents than drawn into the shelter. ¿
enough to secure a tent in a bad and lines expand when wetnull shock
storm. Itnulls easy to sew these addinull cord keeps them tight. ClIff JACObSON, a Distinguished Eagle
tional storm loops. nullou need a few Scout, has written more than a dozen top-
feet of inchnullwide, lightweight nylon 7 bRINg tOOlS tO mAkE a rainynullday selling outdoors books, including Basic
webbingnullanullailable at most hardnull fire nullif local restrictions allow firesnullnull Illustrated Camping (Falcon Guide,
ware stores and camping shops.nullnullou candle, firenullstarters, sturdy knife, 2008nullnull
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