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Good to Go
Your Cub Scouts will love the taste,
sure, but it’s not just for the younger
Oh, what foods these morsels be. guys anymore. Experts are calling
chocolate milk “the new sports drink.”
AFTER HOURS SPENT SNOWBOARDING, skiing, sledding, or just building a
Why? One study at James Madison
monster snowman, Scouts know their grumbling stomachs will be shout- University in Harrisonburg, Va., in 2009
ing, “Feed me!” But when it’s time for a snack, don’t load them up with junk
found that drinking low-fat chocolate
food. Give them a healthy treat as well as a quick energy boost. Here are five
milk after a workout helps athletes’
muscles recover faster. The mix of high-
snack choices that might surprise you. Think of them as “who knew?” foods.
quality protein, as well as minerals such
For example, who knew that some brands have shed jerky’s bad reputation
as calcium, potassium, and magnesium,
and gone healthy and all natural? Who knew that the chocolate milk you does the trick. Get your boys to chug
loved as a kid works as a perfect after-workout drink? Read on and learn all
down a glass of reduced-fat chocolate
about the new thinking that’ll keep your Scouts going strong. ¿
milk after an afternoon of wintry
activities, or heat up a cup for an
energy-boosting substitute for the
more fattening hot cocoa. Everybody
has a favorite brand.
Sure, many traditional versions are full
of additives and fake flavors. But you’ll
find a whole new line of jerkies out
there—organic or all natural—made with
lean beef. Look for the low-sodium (MSG,
sodium nitrate) and chemical-free brands.
Trader Joe’s offers beef, turkey, and bison
jerky, and check out the nitrate-, hormone-,
antibiotic-, and steroid-free products from, or the buffalo,
elk, beef, and even salmon samplers from PEANUT BUTTER
Peanuts contain so much protein
that the government puts them in
the same category as meat on the
USDA food pyramid. All that protein
helps fight off hunger after exercise.
It’s the snack food highest in fiber and
Smear some PB on apple slices or
heart-protective antioxidants, according
whole-grain crackers for crunch, if
to a new study at the University of
you’re at home. For a day on the trail,
Scranton in Pennsylvania. Plain popcorn
get a couple of the reusable squeeze
has the least fat, but if you crave butter,
tubes available at outdoors stores
choose a “light butter” variety (the
like REI. Also, check out Smucker’s
full butter kind can have more fat than
Natural or Skippy Natural because
potato chips). For flavor and texture, our
they don’t have hydrogenated oil.
suggestions include Orville Redenbacher’s
Light Butter or Act II Light Butter.
Toss that container of yogurt into the
freezer before going out, and later WHEN FIGURING OUT A HEALTHY SNACK, Detroit
on you’ll enjoy a cold, creamy snack dietitian Bethany Thayer says to remember the Rule of Two:
that has more calcium, protein, and “Try to include two different food groups,” she says. For ex-


potassium than ice cream. Even if you ample: A bowl of cereal and milk, or cheese and a piece of fruit,
or peanut butter on wheat bread.
T think you don’t like yogurt, eating

it frozen might change your mind.

Thayer, a spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association,
N Use the blended varieties like Yoplait
H says she’s also a big fan of chocolate milk for active guys.
Whips (in a variety of flavors such as
“Calcium is important for Scouts’ bones. We’re seeing lower
the new Chocolate Mousse Style), not
levels of calcium in boys as well as girls, and chocolate milk is
the ones with fruit on the bottom.
an easy, good-tasting way to add some to your diet.”
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