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Patriots Point
Attn: Scout Camping
40 Patriots Point Road
Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464
Visit to learn more.
40 Patriots Point Rd, Mount Pleasant, SC

TroopMaster® 6207-01_PPDA_MarchApril_Scouting_f.indd 1 1/14/10 10:29:41 AM
c63Includes the latest advancement changes for 2010!
c63Tracks all advancement, personal data, OA, Mic-O-Say, Varsity,
Venturing, and Sea Scouts, activities/attendance plus fundraisers,
LDS Duty To God award and much more!
S O F T W A R E , I N C .
Walk briskly or jog for 20 to 30 minutes at least three times a week. Then, c63Personal data is now encrypted. Hide sensitive data items.
once a week, instead of walking, do a stair-step drill while wearing a daypack
c63Extensive number of reports to help keep you organized! P.O. Box 416 (434) 589-6788
or your regular backpack loaded with 15 pounds of weight or gear.
Palmyra, VA 22963
You can do this on a stair-climber at home or at the gym. Use a sturdy box as
c63Includes the latest advancement changes for 2010!
Announcing - TroopMaster Web
c63Tracks personal data, advancement, activities/attendance plus
a step or walk the stadium steps at a local high school football field.
fundraisers, LDS Faith In God award and much more. Troopmaster Software is proud to announce the latest addition to our unit
Begin with a five-minute stair-climbing warm-up without the backpack. Next,
c63Includes latest BSA advancement/recharter changes.
management software suite - TroopMaster Web. TroopMaster Web extends the
c63NOW tracks details/subrequirements for all ranks/awards.
capabilities of our already popular TM-Traveler but instead offers these same
put on the weighted backpack and stair climb for 10 minutes at a moderate
features directly on the web. This new package now allows your leaders,
c63Personal data is now encrypted. Hide sensitive data items.
pace. Take the pack off and stair climb for 10 more minutes at a brisk pace. Cool
parents, and even individual scouts to access their records on the web without
c63Usable at both pack and den levels (with our DotNet feature).
down with three minutes of slow stepping. Consider wearing your hiking boots
the need to install software of any kind on the local machine. Password
c63Tremendous variety of reports to help you run your pack.
customization allows you to control which areas of the database and even
to break them in as you get used to the movement of walking with a pack.
blue = blue 3U
TroopLedger or PackLedger
which members in your database can be viewed while accessing the
application. For more information, please visit our website at:
Increase frequency to twice a week the month before your first hike.
c63Full-featured accounting system with account balancing/budgeting,
red = red
payment schedules, reserved funds, equipment inventory, dues.
yellow = yellow
c63User-defined accounts for asset/liability, income/expense, reserve funds.
c63Individual scout/adult and patrol/den accounts with easy credit/debit. lt-blue = ice L2
BALANCE DRILL c63Many new reports and options! MORE!!
Here’s an easy way to improve your balance and strengthen leg and ankle DotNet (for TroopMaster, PackMaster or ADMS)
Serving Scouters for over 22 years!
muscles: Stand on one foot while brushing your teeth. Too easy? Then put
c63Centralized, multi-user database access on an FTP server!
Order today at
down the brush and try balancing on one bare foot on a pillow (it creates just TroopMaster or PackMaster Traveler (for Palm or Pocket PC)
enough instability, forcing the tiny muscles of your ankle and leg to constantly
c63Your most frequently used unit data in the palm of your hand!
or by phone at
adjust and rebalance).
c63Hi-res version with dramatically expanded capabilities.
(434) 589-6788
Raise your other leg, bent at a 90-degree angle, in front of you. Try raising
Automated District Management System
Monday-Friday 9AM to 5PM Eastern
c63Tracks adult personal data, training, leadership, awards, O/A plus
your hands over your head. Hold your balance for 10 seconds, working up to a
Visit our website for more information,
activities, training schedules, FOS, MB Counselors, and MORE!
minute or longer. Switch legs.
pricing and FREE evaluation copies!
c63Tracks unit data, including meeting place, membership, advancement,
Make the drill harder by closing your eyes. Losing your balance and recovering
roundtable attendance, visitations, FOS, popcorn sales, more.
c63Comprehensive training management and reports capability. MORE!!
builds ankle strength.
Order MUST include unit type (Troop, Pack or District) and unit number/name.
*Fully certified by BSA for use with the ScoutNET
All products run under Windows 95/98/ME/2000/NT/XP/Vista/Windows 7.
Internet Recharter and Internet Advancement systems
All software includes site license for the entire unit, unconditional 90 day money
back guarantee, and full user-support. (Not an official product of BSA.)
Fitness.indd 43 1/15/10 10:27 AM
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