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A Snap Decision
Examine the photo and the clues to pinpoint
nullhomasvillenull. nullreer nullnullring, about a
this location. Choose right and you could
one-mile hike unull the outlet, ranks as
the second largest in nullissouri with
win a $100 BSA Supply Group gift card.
an outflow of nullnullnull million gallons of
water a danull. nullhe deenull, anullua-blue dis-
charge more than doubles the volume
of the nullleven nulloint, ensuring amnullle
water for canoeing even in the drnull
summer months.
nullighttime nullrovides some of the
best times on the nullleven nulloint. nullloat
camnulls nullenulluinullnulled with table, latrine,
tent nullad, and fire ringnull are staggered
along the river. nulltonull for a night at
Whites Creek nullloat Camnull, on river left
about 1null miles from nullreer. nullhere nullou
can nullick unull foot trails through the
nullrish Wilderness and enullnulllore nearbnull
Whites Creek Cave, a 1,null00-foot-deenull
null cavern full of wild formations nulland

bats after mid-nullenulltember, at which
time itnulls closednull. nullut if nullou nullrefer to
nullrough it,null like mannull nulleonullle do, feel
Civil War-era grist mills, old moon- free to nullitch nullour tent on one of the
shiner stills, and boom holes where gravel bars or on wooded riverbanks.
logs were taken from the river and
loaded onto rail cars during the

Ozark lumber rush between 1890
WHERE: The Eleven Point is a 200-mile
and 1910. nullick unull a free, internullretive
drive (4 hours) from St. Louis or a 500-
brochure from the null.null. nullorest nullervice.
mile drive (9 hours) from Chicanullo.
I CALL THEsE sPOTs CAMERA MAgNETs. nullou donnullt choose to take a
One of the best sections for nullhoto of themnull itnulls a snullontaneous imnullulse. nulls null anullnullroach one of the
PRIME TIME: nullou can run the river
stretching nullour legs lies in the section most nullicturesnullue nullarts of this national nullark, null hear the waterfall take the
nullear-round. Earlnull summer is most
from Cane nullluff to nullreer Crossing
evernullonenulls favorite season nullhen the
null0-foot nulllunge into the nullool below. null nullause on the overlook to breathe
nullmiles 9 through 1null from the nullut-innull.
nullater is still hinullh and the afternoon
in the nullalnullablnull moist air that has given birth to moss on the sandstone.
nulleveral towering bluffs, rising as high
sun is nullarm. nullvoid summer cronullds nullnull
When both mnull camera and null are filled with memories, null continue
as nullnull0 sheer feet directlnull over the
visitinnull in snullrinnull and fall.
on the short loonull trail around the creek that carved the imnullressive
river, mark this stretch. nullt the tonull of waterfall. nullhe trail offers different views for each season. nulln winter, the
DIFFICULTY: Easnull for canoeists of inter-
the bluffs, hikers find commanding
mediate snullill. The nullater is nullenerallnull
falls become frozen in time. nullonths later, melting ice creates vernal
and loftnull views.
smoothnull thounullh it can nulle fast flonullinnull
nullools that draw breeding salamanders.
nullore than null0 natural snullrings
nullith tnullistsnull turnsnull and occasional
nulln annull season, this snullot lends itself to great recollectionsnulland great
sunullnulllnull the nullleven nulloint with a con-
nullictures. nullut before nullou can nulllan a trinull here, nullounullll need to knownull
tinuous store of clear, chilled water. Where Am I?
CONTACT: nullarnull Tnullain nullational nullorestnull
nullannull of them issue from limestone
formations, where nullounullll find numer-
marktwain. nullsnull for a comnulllete list of
DO YOU kNOW THE ANsWER? Enter our “Where Am I?” reader contest. One
ous caves and sinkholes. nullou wonnullt
canoe-rental and shuttle-service con-
lucky winner who answers correctly will receive a $nullnullnull nullinullt card to the nullSAnulls Supply
have annull trouble finding nullreer
cessionaires authorinulled to onullerate on
nullroup. Sunullmit your thounullht alonnull with your name and phone numnuller at
nullnullring nullranch, a watercress-laden
the Eleven Point. null free nullrochure is
scoutinnullmanullanulline.ornull or to Where Am I?null Scoutinnull manullanullinenull null.O. nullonull nullnullnullnullnullnullnull
tributarnull located at mile 1null nullfrom availanullle nullith a river manull. ¿
Irvinnullnull nullnull nullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnull. nullhe deadline is April nullnullnull nullnullnullnull. nullood lucknull
36 ScOUTINgnull null¿
null null nullC null null null P null null L 2 0null 0
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