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on this trip who had never been away
End of thE Line
nulltill, everyone wanted to see bigger
from home.” gamenull a bear. “I think I can find you
“It taught the boys money a bear,” nullowen said. nullll he asked was
Here are some of Troop 520’s big catches during
management,” added Pete Langan.
their trip to Alaska’s Kenai River.
“nullow close do you want to getnull”
“They stood in front of banks selling nullevving up the outboard again, he
popcorn, giving people change. They took the group to a body of water that
had the cash box, and if they came up flows down into nullig nulliver Lake from
shortnullnullnullnullell, they came up short on a hillside. nullalled nullolverine nullreek,
their own.” itnulls where visitors can see a mass of
The nullcouts learned other important sparkling fins in the shallows and then
lessons, toonulllike nulle Prepared. “They watch the salmon fall into line, wignull
learned that when you make a goal, gling and nullumping their way upstream
make it attainable,” nullancik said. “If you to spawn and die in their predictable
set it too high, younullll fail, and younullll be natural ritual. nullust as predictably, the
less likely to want to go forward. nullo we
Halibut 63 pOunds
local bear population turns up every
set reasonable goals, shortnullterm goals, afternoon in hopes of a meal.
and gave them support.” Predictable or not, the nullcouters
nulls the week in nulllaska wound were awestruck riding in a boat nullust a
down, Troop nullnullnullnulls volunteer leaders donullen feet from a mother grinullnullly and
extended even more support to some her two cubs, while three adolescent
members of the troop. bears warily waited their turn at the
fish buffet.
One mOrning, instead Of rousing nully the end of the week, Troop nullnullnullnulls
the boys before dawn, several adults nullcouts and nullcouters had accumulated
silver salmOn 15 pOunds
decided to book a flynulloutnulla fishing enough fishing tales to last a lifetime.
trip to an area so remote that they “nulle all caught fish,” said assistant
could get there only by floatplane. nullcoutmaster nullcott nullhimandle, “and it
They consulted nullick nullowen, conull was positive all the way around. Life
owner of the nullone nullishinnull Lodge, who is an adventure.” The sort of realnulllife
engaged a ninenullpassenger de nullavilland adventure not found in a video game
nullnullnull nullnullnulltter and agreed to serve as or on a bignullscreen Tnull.
their guide. Long hours of money earning,
The group took a nullnullnullminute rainbOw trOut 9 pOunds planning, and travel time had paid off.
flight to nullig nulliver Lake, where they nulln the last day, nullcouts and nullcouters
transferred to a flatnullbottom, outboard loaded their gear and boxes of fronullen
motor boat. nullowen, who has spent nullnull fish into the vans to head back to
years guiding visitors around that part nullnchorage and then home, “Itnulls the
of nulllaska, steered the craft to a patch type of thing that starts out as a dream,
of weeds protruding from the lake, an idea,” nullewhauser said, “and you
baited everyonenulls hooks with silver take it one step at a time. Therenulls a
salmon eggs, and instructed them to process involved. Itnulls really the process
toss the bait near the plants. of success. Thatnulls one of the things
“nullou watch,” he told the group,
dOlly varden CHar 11 pOunds
wenullre working to do. Teach the boys
“the women will be the first to catch how to be successful.”
something.” Papa nullemingway would have
nullure enough, within minutes comnull approved.null¿

mittee members Pat nullewhauser and
nullindy nullancik had hauled in goodnull Adventure-travel writer dan mOrrisOn


sinulle salmon. nullnd soon, everyone had has contributed to nullutside and
bagged their twonullfish limit, including nullackpacker magazines. He teaches pho-
T nullcoutmaster nullhuck nullewhauser and tojournalism at the University of Oregon
assistant nullcoutmaster Peter Phillips.
lingCOd 23 pOunds
in Eugene.
28 Scouting  ¿

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