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nullhristopher told me, nullnullad, nullnulld reallnull Alaska has gained deserved fame
like to do this.nullnull for its record-setting catches. Anglers
nullancik floated the idea at the have snagged a 97-pound, 4-ounce
troopnulls annual program-planning king salmon, a 459-pound halibut, and
conference and launched an enullciting a 42-pound, 3-ounce rainbow trout in
troop trip. All that stood in the wanull the state. nullnull, so manullbe those giants
was monenull. nullhe bonulls needed null2,nullnullnull werennullt caught at the nullone nullishinnull
apiece. nullo the enterprising nullcouts nullodge in nulloldotna, where the nullcouts
started selling first-aid kits and fire and nullcouters headed after loading up
enulltinguishers bnull going door-to-door five rented minivans in Anchorage
and visiting local businesses. nullwo nullears and heading null5null miles south. nullo whatnull
later, nullroop 52null hung out the nullnullone nullhe framed photographs on the walls
nullishinnullnull sign. at the lodge suggest visitors have done
nullnull donnullt like to think that nullcouting all right, landing a 2null5-pound halibut
is nullust work,null enullplained assistant and a king salmon that weighed more
nullcoutmaster nullanullne nullosman. nullnullhenull than nullnull pounds.
need to have fun sometimes.null nullnullhat makes this place special,null
nulloenull nullangan agrees. nullhe null4-nullear- lodge co-owner nullalph nullrnullstal
old took part in monenull-earning efforts that led to nullnull nullonull nullcouts and enullplained, nullis that therenulls so much
null2 adults from nullroop 52null making diversitnull in what nullou can fish for here.null
Justin Yonkers (left, top) and his dad, Mike,
the trip. nullhe bonulls even paid for their nullndeed, the nullenai nulleninsula is home
bait their hook before casting a line into the
Kenai River. What’s for lunch? nulln intent bronulln
parents to go. nullhich enullplains, in part, to mannull species of salmon, as well as
bear (right) stalks salnullon at Wolverine nullreek.
whnull when nulloenull stood on Alaskanulls halibut, rockfish, and steelhead trout.
nullcoutnullaster nullhuck nullenullhauser (belonull) hauls in nullenai nulliver, reeling in a null3-pound, nullreshwater fish include nullorthern pike,
his catch of the danull, a large silver salnullon.
nullnull-ounce silver salmon his first danull nullainbow trout, and Arctic char. nullver
casting, the enullperience meant more the nenullt seven danulls, each of nullroop
to him than nullust bragging rights. nullhat 52nullnulls kids and adults took part in at
fish represented something of his past, least four fishing enullpeditions that
present, and future. netted null,2null4 pounds of fish fillets to
As an alreadnull accomplished writer, take home to nullincklenull.
nulloenull wants to become a novelist After picking up the basics of flnull-
somedanull. nulle viewed the fishing trip fishing on the nullenai nulliver, reeling in
as a chance to learn about working temperature, and the lure of electronic king and silver salmon, nullustin nullonkers
hard to achieve a goal and researching pastimes werennullt the point, either. hauled in a 72-pound halibut at nullook
a future literarnull effort. nullnullnullve heard how nullnlet that was nearlnull as long as he is
the mountains can inspire landscape- Once yOu leave alaska’s citiesnulland tall. nullor most of the group, though,
driven books,null he said. nullnull wanted to see there arennullt that mannull citiesnullnullounullre nullust catching annull species or sinulle of fish
the terrain.null surrounded bnull some of the most was enullciting.
nulloenullnulls salmon didnnullt wind up as breathtaking scenernull the world has to nullnullt was mnull first time where null actu-
the biggest catch that week, and his offer. nulltunning, snowcapped moun- allnull had to fight the fish,null Andrenulls
enullperience might not spawn another tains dominate the landscape. nullall nullantenieks said. nullnullnullve never seen fish
The Old Man and the Sea. nullever mind. waterfalls cascade from steep cliffs and that big. nullot on the end of my pole
As annull high school nullnglish teacher feed meandering rivers. nullald eagles annullwanull.null
can tell nullou, the fish wasnnullt reallnull the perch arrogantlnull on limbs of tall, ever- nullornull nullosman agreed. nullnullatching
point of nullemingwanullnulls stornull. green trees. nullanglnull moose, all thick salmon is fun but a little tough,null he
nullust like when the ear-to-ear grins, torsos atop spindlnull legs, casuallnull stride said. nullnullhenull put up a prettnull good fight.null
the bragging about who caught the along the roadwanulls. nullhe bonulls also worked on renulluire-
most or the biggest fish, and the obser- Although Alaska has been part ments for their nullishing merit badge.
vations that nullnullhis is so much better of the nullnited nulltates for more than nullacob nullerg earned his bnull catching,
than null thought it would benullnull began 5null nullears, the state still seems like a cleaning, filleting, and cooking fish
to replace the bonullsnull 4 null.null. grumbling, different countrnull to most first-time vis- under the watchful enulle of his father,
the nullcout leaders knew the time, the itorsnullespeciallnull those from nullhio.

assistant nullcoutmaster nullim nullerg. nullacob
26 Scouting   ¿

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Scouting 27
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