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Academics and Sports
How Cub Scouts earn loops, pins, and letters.
the right place with the program? BOYS LEARN ABOUT dozens a boy must complete three CAN BOYS EARN THE SAME
of academic subjects and specific requirements that BELT LOOP MORE THAN ONCE?
HOW CAN PACKS MAKE SCOUTING sports through the Cub introduce him to the aca- Yes, but encourage them to
AFFORDABLE FOR FAMILIES DURING Scout Academics and demic subject or sport. To try different requirements
TOUGH ECONOMIC TIMES? Be aware of Sports Program—and earn earn a pin, he must complete to earn a pin instead. Packs
what your parents are capable of sup- belt loops and pins as they five additional requirements should have a clear policy
porting. Don’t take the pack to Walt improve skills. from about 10 options. about who’s responsible for
Disney World; take them to a baseball the cost of awards that boys
game or to the zoo. And remember WHO CAN PARTICIPATE? WHY ARE SOME BELT LOOPS earn more than once.
money-earning projects. Sell your Tiger Cubs, Cub Scouts, and GOLD AND OTHERS SILVER?
popcorn; you could pay for your Webelos Scouts. The program Academic belt loops have a WHAT’S THE RELATION-
whole year of Scouting. requires adult participation gold background; sports belt SHIP BETWEEN BELT LOOPS
for Tiger Cubs and strongly loops use a silver background. AND WEBELOS ACTIVITY
SOME PACKS STRUGGLE TO GET THEIR recommends it for older BADGES? More than half the
BOYS IN UNIFORM. ANY ADVICE? The boys. However, adults do not WHERE DO BOYS WEAR THE 20 Webelos activity badges
first time I went to Philmont, there receive recognition items. RECOGNITION ITEMS? Cub include belt-loop require-
was a trainer walking around in half a Scouts wear belt loops on ments. For some badges,
uniform. But she had split it vertically; WHAT SUBJECTS ARE their blue Scout belt. Because the Webelos Scout must
she’d taken her Cub Scout shirt, cut INCLUDED? Twenty-five aca- they won’t fit on the khaki earn certain belt loops. For
it in half, and sewed a flowered shirt demic subjects and 28 sports. belt, Webelos Scouts who others, earning belt loops is
on. She said, “It’s half a uniform. Does The newest academic sub- wear the khaki uniform may optional. In each case, the
it matter if it’s split this way or just jects: Disabilities Awareness, wear the blue belt. Pins are boy must earn the belt loops
the blouse and jeans?” That was a very Family Travel, Good displayed on the Cub Scout while he’s a Webelos Scout.
If you always teach the same class at good example. Manners, Nutrition, Pet Care, Academics and Sports letter,
your outdoor training, try something Photography, Reading and which may be worn on a ARE THERE LIMITATIONS
different. Keep learning. WHAT ELSE HAVE YOU LEARNED IN Writing, and Video Games. patch vest or civilian jacket. FOR WHERE BELT LOOPS AND
SCOUTING? I’ve learned that little boys The newest sports: Hiking, PINS CAN BE EARNED? The
CHANGING JOBS OFTEN INVOLVES are neat. I’ve learned that Scout leaders Hockey, Horseback Riding, WHEN DO CUB SCOUTS GET only limitation relates to the
HELPING TO FIND YOUR OWN REPLACE- are some of the best friends I’ve ever Kickball, and Skateboarding. MEDALS AND TROPHIES? Archery and BB Shooting
MENT. HOW DO YOU DO THAT? Start had—a good class of people for the For the complete list, see Packs may use the trophies belt loops. Those activities
eyeing your staff, the ones you have on most part. I have faith in the program. the Cub Scout Academics and and the gold, silver, and are restricted to Cub Scout/
your committee. You’ve got to know I saw what it did for my sons and for Sports Program Guide (No. bronze medals to recognize Webelos Scout resident
the person, know their abilities, and others in our troop, and I want it to 34299). special achievements. There camps, council-managed
see them in a bunch of different situa- continue, which is why I’m hanging are no specific requirements. family camping programs,
tions and how they respond. Are they in there. And it’s fun. If it stops WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE They can also get partici- and council activities that
dependable? Are they going to show being fun, then I’ll stop. But it hasn’t BETWEEN BELT LOOPS AND pating patches and pocket follow all BSA shooting
up every month at the right time and stopped being fun yet. ¿ PINS? To earn a belt loop, certificates. sports standards. ¿
14 SCOUTING ¿ M A RC H • A P R I L 2 01 0 M A RC H • A P R I L 2 01 0 thinspace thinspace¿ SCOUTING 15
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