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Did You Know?
America Honors Scouting
With Centennial Coin, Stamp
The fabulous New York World’s Fair selected Scouts from across the
If it seems as if the whole country is getting involved in
of 1939 brought a booster shot of country built a demonstration Scout
Scouting’s 100th Anniversary, OK, maybe it is. Two great
enthusiasm to a country shaking camp surrounded by a stockade and
“birthday presents” for Scouting appear this year—a Scout
off the doldrums of the Great a 40-foot totem pole. During the
stamp and an official Scout coin.
Depression. The fairgrounds east of fair, Scouts served as ushers, guards
New York City were crowded with of honor at official ceremonies,
As a result of a bill sponsored by U. S. Rep. Pete Sessions
dazzling buildings housing unheard- and color guards for special events.
of Texas, the U. S. Mint will initially produce 350,000
of new technology that promised a On Boy Scout Day during the fair,
silver-dollar coins to commemorate the centennial. The mint
prosperous and fascinating future. 63,000 Scouts attended, making it
turns out only two commemorative coins each year. A $10
And the Boy Scouts were right the largest gathering of Scouts in the surcharge on each coin will raise $3.5
in the middle of it, helping in a world up to that time. million for the BSA Foundation, which
variety of ways. On nearly two acres,
will support extending Scouting in
hard-to-serve areas.
The obverse (heads side)
design of the coin depicts a Cub
CONNECTIONS Scout in the foreground with a Boy
Where Eagles Share
Scout and female Venturer in the
background saluting. The Venturer
Maybe it’s been years or decades since the proud day you earned your
represents how BSA has evolved
Eagle, but why let the memories fade? Tell your Eagle story and keep
over the past century to
the memories green with, an online forum where Eagle
serve all the youth of America, includ-
Scouts of all ages can share their achievements with family and friends.
ing girls.uni00A0The reverse (tails) design
features the BSA emblem and
At, you’ll find several ways of preserving those
these inscriptions: United States of
memories. Create a personalized shadowbox in which you can capture
America, Boy Scouts of America,
stories, timeline events, awards, and photos. Members can choose from
Be Prepared, E Pluribus Unum,
more than 300 interactive Scouting awards, badges, and insignia. The
and One Dollar. The coin is due out
service builds community, too. With the ScoutGram feature, viewers
March 23. Get it from the U.S. Mint
can add their own comments or congratulate the member on a job well at
done. Additionally, built-in search capabilities make it easy to find and The new 44-cent postage stamp, the
connect with friends throughout the network.
“Celebrate Scouting” stamp, will be issued at the centennial
For more details about cost and access, go to
jamboree in July at Fort AP Hill, Va. The stamp, designed by
California artist Craig Frazier, depicts a modern Scout
standing on a rocky summit, sil-
houetted against the shadow of
a classic Scout peering through
As any serious philatelist
knows, the centennial stamp
won’t mark the first time
Scouting has been honored
this way. Other stamps have
appeared in the past, most
notably for the 40th, 50th,
and 75th anniversaries of
the BSA.
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