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Jeff Kay This Scouter ventures into adventure.

LIKE MANY FORMER Boy Scouts, Jeff Kay drifted away from Scouting until he had kids. When his older son was ready for Tiger Cubs, Kay returned, serving five years as an assistant den leader and another three years with his younger son’s den. Then, in the summer

FactSheet Jeff Kay



Associate Advisor, Venturing Crew 131

DAY JOB: Self-employed corporate pilot

FAVORITE CAMPS: Sid Richardson Scout Ranch, northwest of Fort Worth, Texas. “When I was a Scout, we went there a lot. It holds a lot of sentimental value.”

PROUDEST MOMENT IN SCOUTING: Watching his Venturers participate in an 1870s U.S. Cavalry re-enactment as part of Sid Richardson Scout Ranch’s Chisholm Trail Adventure. “Looking at those kids — all of them smiling, some of them sunburned, but everybody having such a good time — that makes it all worthwhile.”


of 2011, he embarked on a much bigger challenge — as did other members of St. Jude Catholic Church. Under the leadership of parishioner (and Eagle Scout) Tommy Baril, St. Jude simultane- ously started a Cub Scout pack, a Boy Scout troop, a Venturing crew and an American Heritage Girls troop. Kay became the crew’s Advisor, and two years later he took the group on a trip to Northern Tier.

STARTING FOUR UNITS AT ONCE IS A BIG UNDERTAKING. HOW DID YOU PULL IT OFF? We really just went down the list the BSA provides. It was basically weekly meetings, getting all the details sorted out, making sure we hit all the BSA’s requirements for leadership, training and all those things. We worked very closely with Eric Williamson, our district executive. Most of us who were Scouters in


other units already knew Eric. It’s not like we were all going to a new location with all new people where we didn’t know whom to talk to. We just fol- lowed the plan, and it worked out very well.

HOW DID YOU FIND LEADERS AND MEMBERS?We found an associate Advisor who had been a crew Advisor before, and I pulled a long- time friend from when my son was in Cub Scouts to be the committee chair. As for members, most everyone has joined as a result of word of mouth.

WHAT DID YOU DO ABOUT MONEY AND EQUIPMENT? The church gifted each unit with $300, and the Knights of Columbus gifted each unit with $150. As for equipment, everybody had their own gear or it was easy enough to share what other people had. So the crew invested in very high-quality back- packing tents with the money we had.

WHO DECIDED THAT? The Venturers. We fought very hard to make sure the crew stayed youth led. There was a lot of guided discussion where we as adults kind of led them to a logical conclusion. But at the end of the day, the decision was theirs.

Jeff Kay and his daughter Cecilia, a vice president with their crew.

HOW DO KIDS FIT CREW ACTIVITIES INTO BUSY HIGH SCHOOL SCHEDULES? The only day everybody could get together was Sunday. We have one hour every two weeks when they get together for logistics stuff. We try to do one local campout or something like that one weekend a month. We also try to fit in evening activities — something like going rock climbing.

HAVE YOU HAD ANY ISSUES WITH VENTURERS DATING? When they wrote their bylaws in the first couple of weeks, they said there will be no dating in the crew. If you want to date, one person has to leave the crew. What they foresaw is six months down the road, when somebody breaks up with somebody and there’s a rift in the crew because people are going to take sides. They said, “We just won’t do that.”


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