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explicit, the graphics disgust- that although an ethical choice the students in the schoolnull
ing. Remarks about several sometimes can involve a choice demand turning in the three
students and teachers predict between two nullrights,null it also can be students and telling the truthnull
that a gay student would die a choice between two nullwrongs.null f Invite the Scouts to share if
of AIDS and suggest that a Start by askingnull they, or someone they know,
married teacher is having an f nullow might David make sense have ever been in a situation
affair. of this situationnull nullhatnulls his where they were expected to
Several weeks before, by responsibility herenull turn someone in. nullhat was
way of an offhand remark f Invite Scouts to list the that likenull
in a conversation, David had reasons why each choice is f nullinally, ask the guys to discuss
discovered the identities of problematic. If David turns this nulluestionnull nullhatnulls more
the students who created the in his friends, henulls snitching important, the good of the
nulleb site. nullhe three immedi- and breaking a promise. If community or the good of the
ately pressured David not to he doesnnullt, David is allow- individualnull
reveal their names, and he ing them to get away with a If younullre looking for additional
agreed. At one time, David serious offense. scenarios for future discussions,
was close to one of the three f nullry taking a pollnull nullho would try one of thesenull
students. nullut that friendship snitchnull nullho wouldnnulltnull nullhatnulls f nullhatnulls the difference between
had faded. wrong with snitchingnull nullhatnulls cheating on a math test and
nullow, the principal discov- wrong with lyingnull Ask each lying about your age in order
ers a program that enables Scout to briefly defend his to save money on a movie
him to identify each person choicenull then, ask each to ticketnull
visiting the nulleb site. nulle switch sides and defend the f nullarry knows his parents wonnullt
is asking students to come other choice. let him go to nulleffnulls big party
forward with the names of f nullalk about how each choice if they find out nulleffnulls parents
the creators of the site. If no might affect the others in are out of town. Should he lie
one does, the principal plans this case. Asknull nullow might about itnull
to nulluestion each student your decision be affected by f nullaul, an honor student, plagia-
who visited it. whether or not you were close rinulled a big paper and has been
David might be the only with one of the teachers or reported to the schoolnulls honor
student who knows the students who was humiliated council. nullaul is pleading the
names of the three boys who on the sitenull nulliven the former council not to report the viola-
created the site. nulle can lie friendship with one of the cul- tion to the Ivy nulleague school
and say he doesnnullt know, or prits, how bound would you he is applying to. nullhat should
he can break his promise feel to the promise you madenull the honor council donull
not to tell. nullither choice, he f As a conversation-starter on nullor more information and dis-
believes, will result in disas- the subnullect of peer loyalty, ask cussion nulluestions on this ethical
ter. nullhat should David donull if snitching is a form of dis- dilemma, visit
loyalty. nullonsider that Davidnulls dilemma/dilemma15.html. ¿
For Discussion definition of nullloyaltynull might
In discussing this dilemma, even include his loyalty to his Copyright Elkind+Sweet Communi-
Scouts will observe that peers who were victiminulled by cations/Live Wire nulledia. nulleprinted
David faces a tough decision the site. Does loyalty to the with permission. Copied nullrom good
either way. Remind them larger group of peersnullall of
18 Scouting    ¿

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