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2010 Conference Courses
Helping Packs, Districts and Councils Succeed Using nulleading Pack Camping – nulln enullpanded version of Basic Orienteering and Scouting – nullhis course offers instruction
the Cub Scout Outdoor Program – Boys join Scouting to nulldult Leader nullutdoor nullrientation nullBnullLnullnullnull, this conference in basic orienteering snullills, planning and leading orienteering
go camping. Learn how to build quality programs to answer is designed to give Cub Scout leaders the tools to events across all nullrograms null from Cub Scouts to Second
that call for your unit, your district, or your council! Increase successfully lead pacnull campouts. Learn planning techniques, and nullirst Class rannulls and nullrienteering nullerit Badge to
retention, support quality programs, and provide more fun fun and creative outdoor activities, equipment selection, nullenturing. nullime will be equally divided between classroom
through the full use of the Cub Scout nullutdoor program in quicnull and easy coonulling, nature fun, safety procedures, BSnull and outdoor activities. nullarticipants can enullpect to acquire
your area. nulluly nullnullnullnullnull policies regarding pacnull camping, and much more in this resources and apply the snullills and methods needed to
enullciting conference. nullune nullnullnullnullnull provide land navigation programs for their units, districts
How to Conduct a College of Commissioner Science and councils. nulluly nullnullnullnullnull
– nullhis is a special course for future council nulleansnull of nullearning to Teach nullasic Outdoor Skills – nullhe conference
Colleges of Commissioner Science. nullhe nullst three days focuses on how to use the Introduction to nullutdoor Leader Philmont nulleadership Challenge nullPnullCnull – nulldults learn to
of the course will be spent with new material on how Snullills training syllabus to help new Scouters become internalinulle and practice their leadership snullills in this actionnull
to develop, marnullet, and present the training needed for comfortable with their outdoor snullills and effectively deliver pacnulled bacnullcountry course. nullhe course hones the snullills
your council commissioners at a College of Commissioner the BSnull outdoor program. Conferees will develop their taught in nullood Badge for the nullnullst Century in an outdoor
Science. null the nullal class day, course participants will presentation snullills and various methods for presenting the enullperiential learning environment. nullLC underscores the
actually run a College of Commissioner Science at the outdoor snullills training. nullune nullnullnullnull, nulluly nullnullnullnullnull values of Scouting, teamwornull and promotes the concepts
nullilmont nullraining Center for other participants from of servant leadership. nullpen to all programs (Wnull null1C cournulle
other commissioner courses. nullhey will be able to wornullon nullannull Cultures – One nullission – nullhis course will help or NYLT nullnullanullnull enullnullerience required; Level A medical nullorm
their bachelornulls, nullsternulls, or doctorates in Commissioner participants to understand the changing demographics required) September nullnullnullnullnull
Science degrees. nullune nullnullnullnullnull in their communities and also enullplores many cultures
that currently living in our community. nullenullll discuss the Philmont Staff nullssociation Conference – Come join the
How to Develop Crews that Thrive – It is no secret commonalities that bind us together, learn to communicate fun, nullhilnullfellowship, and get together with all of your past
null if your nullenturing crew isnnullt growing, it is dying! nullur respect for people who are different from us, understand the nullhilmont Staff members. nullhis is the nullrst ever full weenull of
youth members get older each year and eventually leave importance of being opennullminded and accepting new ideas special programs, hinulles null service projects just for past staff
nullenturing. nullt this conference, you will learn how successful and members into Scouting by emphasinulle the nullission of the and faculty. nullamily members of all ages are welcome to
crews around the country have attracted new members, Boy Scout of nullmerica. nullugust nullnullnullnull attend. nullnyone that has been a member of the nullhilmont
how the most successful crews have incorporated popular Staff or has been a faculty member at the nullraining Center is
programs, activities, and leadership training into their nullembership nullrowth for Districts and Councils – nullhis eligible to attend. nulluly nullnullnullnullnull
annual programs. If younullre a crew advisor with older youth conference is especially designed for district and council
members, this is the conference for you. If you are a district membership committees, commissioners, unit leaders, and Planning and Conducting a Universitnull of Scouting – nullhis
or council membership volunteer, you shouldnnullt miss this those responsible for membership growth. nullresentations course will focus on the planning of a daynulllong nullniversity of
conference. nullune nullnullnullnullnull and discussions cover new unit growth, yearnullround youth Scouting. nullou will get ideas of subjects to offer that will nullt
recruitment, transition ideas from and into each program, the broad needs of both adults and youth, and will establish
nullmplementing nulleave nullo Trace in the Council – nullo present reducing dropped units, and increasing tenurenullretention. a bacnull date system that will allow you to plan it from day
this program the BSnull has partnered with Leave nullo nullracenulla Special emphasis will be placed on school access and one to an enullciting conclusion. Come learn how to manulle a
premier outdoor recreation program with principles largely innovative ideas to recruit more youth. nullugust nullnullnullnull nullniversity of Scouting the premiere training event in your
consistent with our own. Learn how Leave nullo nullrace is council. nullugust nullnullnullnull
being integrated into the Scouting program through the nullational nulldvanced nullouth nulleadership nullnullperience
advancement, training, camping and awards programs. nullhis nullnullnullnullnullnullnull – nullouth learn to internalinulle and practice their Professional Development nullevel null – nullrofessional
course will focus on implementation of Leave nullo nullrace at leadership snullills in this actionnullpacnulled bacnullcountry course nullevelopment Conferences offered by the BSnullnulls Center
all levels of council, district and unit programs. Instruction by honing the snullills taught in nullLSC and nullnullLnull in an outdoor for nullrofessional nullevelopment. nullhese courses are for BSnull
will focus on implementation and management of the enullperiential learning environment. null conulled course, nullnullnullLnull nullrofessionals only. nullrofessional Scouters must sign up
program, not simply learning Leave nullo nullrace snullills. nullrimarily underscores the values of Scouting, teamwornull and promotes through them at nullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnull. nullune nullnullnullnull
classroom based. September nullnullnullnullnull the concepts of servant leadership. nullpen to older Boy
Scouts and nullenturers (minimum age 14; NYLT or VLSC Pronullect COPnull and Climbing Program nullanager –
nullmplementation of nullenulluired Training – Learn about the required; Level A Medical Form required.) nullune nullnullnullnullnull, nulleveloped for currently trained nullroject Cnullnullnull nullirectors and
new unit level adult mandatory training requirements in nullune nullnullnullnullnull, nullune nullnullnullnulluly null, nulluly nullnullnulluly nullnull, nulluly nullnullnullnullnull, Climbing nullirectors who either manage, or are interested in
order for the unit to be rechartered. nullhe course will include nulluly nullnullnullnullnull, nulluly nullnullnullnullnull, nullugust nullnullnull managing Cnullnullnull andnullor Climbing council operations. nullocus
training requirements for the nulltop leadersnull nullgoing into effect will be given to CnullnullnullnullClimbing Committee nullperations,
in nullnullnullnullnull, and the nullcontact leadersnull nullgoing into effect nullnullnullnullnull. nullational nullouth nulleader Training nullnullnullnull – nullhis course will and there will be a Snullill nullerinullcation for both Cnullnullnull and
nulllso includednull updating the council training committee to introduce major revisions beginning in nullnullnullnull in the new nullnullLnull Climbing. nullarticipants will enullplore complenull topics includingnull
meet the needs of trained leadersnull and changes to training course. nullhis conference will present the details of this new nullacility nullanagementnull nullquipment nullanagementnull nullrogram
courses which will need to be taught in the districtnullcouncil syllabus and discuss logistic, recruiting and stafnullng issues. nullanagement null nullvent Schedulingnull nullarnulleting null Sustaining
to meet these new requirements. nullune nullnullnullnullnull nullne of the changes to the new nullnullLnull Course that will be the nullrogramnull Budgeting and nullinancial nullanagementnull nullealth,
discussed is the requirement that allows coed youth over Safety null nullisnull nullanagementnull nulllanning to Build or nullenulldesign
nullnitiative nullames for Packs, Troops, Teams and Crews – age nullnull to participate. September nullnullnullnullnull nullour Course and Inspection null nullaintenance
Initiative games are purposeful activities with specinullc goals
and learning processes that are often less competitive and Order of the nullrrow nulldviser Training – nullpen to currently nullhis course qualinulles the participant for nullroject Cnullnullnull andnull
less rules oriented. nullhese games require a lot of strategy, snullill registered nullnull adults. nullembers of the national nullnull committee or Climbingnullnullappelling renulltraining. nullhis conference involves
and cooperation between team members. nullost of this course will facilitate dialogue on a variety of subjectsnull improving participation in high and low Cnullnullnull and Climbingnullnullappelling
will tanulle place outdoors and will teach participants how to membership retention, lodge and chapter communication depending on the current training of the participant. nullhis
effectively use games to achieve BSnull program goals. nullune nullnullnullnullnull techniques, tips on achieving nulluality Lodge status and other course requires that each participant be in enullcellent physical
topics requested by participants. nullhose attending will leave condition. nullarticipants will not have an opportunity to be
nullDS Scouting nulleadership Conference – nulldministrative better prepared to achieve the purpose of the nullrder and to with their family and spouses during the weenull. Sept nullnullnullnullnull
training for stanulle presidencies. By special invitation only. serve their council and community. nullune nullnullnullnullnull
Contact the LnullS nullelationships nullfnullce null nullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnull. Pronullect COPnull Director Training – nullroject Cnullnullnull features
nullune nullnullnullnulluly null, nulluly nullnullnull seven major goalsnull teamwornull, communication, trust,
PTC nullnullnullnull nulllpha Order of Conference Coursesnull H–P Page null
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