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2010 Conference Courses
Advanced Communication and Counseling Skills for teams. nullearn how a training team can deliver a full nulluality the delivery change into your annual planning from den to
Highly Effective Leadership – For council and district training program and hear about all the latest in new district. nullugust null-nullnull Sept nullnull-nullnull
volunteers and professionals. Participants will learn and training courses and support material. nully strengthening
develop advanced communication and counseling skills that your training team and the training you delivernull your council nullelivering nullenturing to your nullistrict and Council – nullt
distinguish the highly effective leader; learn how to create or district will retain more youth. nulluly nullnull-nullnull is no secret that nullenturing has been the fastest growing
a culture in which people - and the aims of Scouting - can program in the nullSnull for several years. nullf your district or
thrive. The highly effective leader uses communication Council nulley null – null great team building experience for council is not achieving its membership goal or if your district
and counseling skills to bring people together in ways that council presidentsnull council commissioners and Scout or council has seen growth followed by membership loss
maximize individual potentialnull as well as the potential of all executivesnull Topics include board managementnull building you shouldnnullt miss this conference. nullou will learn how to
of Scoutingnull to achieve unparalleled results. nullugust null-null effective districtsnull nulluality programnull membership growthnull incorporate proven techninullues into your districtnulls or councilnulls
volunteernullprofessional relationshipsnull strategic planningnull operation. nullearn how successful districts and councils have
Advancement Policy and Procedure – This conference is council and district operationsnull commissioner servicenull attained sustained growth without having negative impacts
designed to train Scouters who are responsible for managing endowmentnull council fundraisingnull and asset management. on other Scouting programs. nullune nullnull-nullnull
advancement in their councils and districts. Topics include The week includes plenty of time for breakout sessions by
the nullagle Scout process from service pronullects to appeals; how position. Participants are encouraged to attend as a council nullistrict Committees Help Strengthen nullnits – For district
to build a nulluality merit badge program; current advancement nulley null team. nullune nullnull-nullnull chairsnull district vice chairsnull operating committee chairsnull and
policies; and resources for all units to strengthen their district committee membersnull this conference features the
advancement program. nullune null-nullnullnull nullugust null-null Council Program Administration – For any district and latest tools and techninullues for successful district operations
council volunteers and professionals involved with the includingnull membershipnull trainingnull campingnull activitiesnull
Becoming a Stronger Executive Board Memnuller – delivery of nulluality program experiences. The conference advancementnull and nullnance operating committees. nulldditional
This course is for council-level volunteers who serve on includes administration ofnull council activities and focus is placed on coordinated district committee meetingsnull
the council board null ofnullcersnull executive board membersnull community service pronullectsnull camping and outdoor programnull volunteer recruitmentnull and development of a personal
committee chairs and advisory council members. nullearn high adventurenull leadership trainingnull advancement and action plan for use back home. The conference highlights
about your nullob and how to develop a strongernull more recognitionnull marketingnull accessing public support and muchnull successful district operations where membership grows
effective board of directors and council. nullearn about the much more. nullearn about best practices from successful and units succeed in providing a nulluality program for youth.
four functions of council operations null programnull membershipnull councils across the nation. nullugust null-nullnull nullugust null-nullnull
nullnance and unit service. nullugust null-nullnull
Connecting Children and nullature – nullesearch shows that nullistrict nulley null – nulley Leadership for the nulluture – nullnull
Boysnull nullhe nullevelopment Stages – nullges null - null null many health and behavior problems in youth can be traced great team-building opportunity for district chairnull district
This course teaches nullnullow nulleaders nullreate an nullnvironment to the loss of the vital connection between children and commissionernull and district executive teams. This course
nullhere nulloys nullecome Scouts.null nullen leadersnull nullebelos leadersnull nature. This conference will discuss current researchnull how covers the role of the district nulley null and how they work
nullubmasters and Scoutmasters working with boys ages the nullSnull can make even more of a difference in the lives together to build and operate a successful district. nullt includes
null through nullnull will leave with an action plannull toolsnull and of youthnull and how we can be the leaders in this growing plenty of idea-sharing and problem-solving time and
techninullues to successfully implement a creativenull engaging movement. September nullnull-nullnull explores successful district operation techninulluesnull recruiting
developmentally appropriate program. nullune nullnull-nullnull district volunteersnull and other topics of interest. nullach nulley
Conservation nullSA – null Scout is thrifty. nulle is frugal in using null will develop an action plan. null scholarship is available for
Building Strong Packsnull nullroopsnull nulleams and Crenulls – This resources. nullome share in this adventure designed to help district executives attending this conference with both their
conference will provide a forum to discuss strategies for leaders teach Scouts how to develop attitudes and practices district chair and district commissioner. (Participants are
increasing the number of youth who want to nulloin our programnull that will safeguard our natural resources and assure that encouraged to attend as a district nullenull null team.) nullune nullnull-nullnullnull
including what we can do to keep them involved in the the exciting outdoor experiences we ennulloy today will be nullugust null-null
program after they nulloin. nullome nulloin the fun as we explore how available in the next nullnullnull years. The conference focuses
to offer more young people an opportunity to be involved in onnull implementing effective council committeesnull utilizing Effective Leadership of Commissioner Service –
one or more of the nullSnullnulls programs. nulluly nullnull-nullnull good turn programsnull the nullornaday nullwards program and nullconference for experienced commissioners seeking more
more. Participants will receive the national pronullect leader insights to help units to deliver a nullality program to youth.
Climnulling and nullappelling – nulleveloped to support council certinullcate from nullonservation nullSnull. (Level A medical form nullarn more about the college of commissioner science
and district volunteers in teaching safe climbing techninullues required) September nullnull-nullnull programnull advanced strategies for nullality unit servicenull
to Scout leaders and Scouts. Participants may nullualify as implementation of a strong commissionernulls program in
a climbing instructornull director or inspector. Participants Cunull Scout and Boy Scout nulloundtanulllesnull and nullenturing your district or councilnull strategic planning obnullctivesnull and
will be divided into two groups based on their skill level. nullorums – nullhen you think you know all you need to other topics. nullune null-null
This conference involves rock climbing and renulluires that know to conduct high-nulluality nullub Scout and nulloy Scout
each participant pass the Philmont nullackcountry Physical. roundtablesnull and nullenturing Forumsnull it is time to attend nulleocaching to Promote Scouting – nulleocaching is
Participants will not have an opportunity to be with their this conference. The program is built around a forum an exciting nullPS based treasure hunt. nullearn how to use
family and spouses during the week. (Level A Medical Form of experienced roundtable commissioners who address this growing sport to help your unitnull district or council
required.) September nullnull-nullnull roundtable ideas and lead discussions about problem- with exciting program ideasnull unit activitiesnull membershipnull
solving techninullues. nulluly nullnull-nullnull recruitmentnull and public relations. nullpen to all programs and
Council Commissioners – This course covers the roles experience levels. nullune null-nullnull
and responsibilities of council commissioners and assistant Cunull Scouts in nullnullnullnull nullnullast nullracksnull – Piloted since nullnullnullnull.
council commissioners. nullt will be taught by members of the Twenty percentage point increase in retention. nullore Health and Safetynullnullisk Management – This conference
new nullational nullommissioner Service support teamnull which connulldent and effective den leaders. nullub Scouts nullnullnullnull is is a hands-on workshop designed to give participants
has been developing materials and publications over past the biggest change in nullub Scout delivery since the nullnullnullnullnulls. valuable information to help ensure the physical and mental
years for council commissioners. nulle among the nullrst to nullandbook-based advancement comes alive in the den well-being of Scouts and Scouters as well as the nullnancial
be formally trained as council commissioners or assistant meeting. This session will introduce you to the change well-being of the councils. Participants will gain knowledge
council commissioners. nullurrent council commissioners will with an emphasis on the new Den & Pack Meeting Resource on the latest updates to nullSnull rulesnull policies and proceduresnull
be given priority registration. nullune nullnullnullnullnull Guide. nullearn how the new den meeting plans relate to pack and participate in exercises to identify and analyze risks. This
meetingsnull how to leverage the fun of advancementnull the course is designed for anyone with nullealth and Safety or nullisk
Council and nullistrict nullraining nulleams – This conference increased emphasis on nullore nullaluesnull and how to integrate nullanagement responsibilities. nullugust null-nullnull
is designed for members of council and district training
PnullC nullnullnullnull Alpha nullrder of Conference Coursesnull A–H Page null
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