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¿ From the CSE Scoutîng
Vol. 98, No. 1 ● JAN-FEB 2null1null
Scouting’s Next Century
J. Warren Young Publisher
J. D. Owen Editor-in-Chief
The BSA becomes an advocate for youth.
Magazine Division
Scott Daniels Managing Editor
John Clark Senior Editor
Bryan Wendell Associate Editor
Scott Feaster Design Director
in an ideal world, i’d love to be able to snap my fingers and make
everything perfect.
Elizabeth Hardaway nullrgan
In that perfect world, it would be great to know that when people
Senior Art Director
need an organization to turn to for the welfare of kids across the
John null. Fulton Jr. Photographs
Edna J. nullenullns Photo Editor
country and yes, even around the globe, they would turn to Scouting.
Bryan Wursten Online Editor
We can make that happen in our next century.
nullnda nullwrence Assistant to the
Up until now, the Boy Scouts of nullmerica has been positioned as a Managing Editor
nullfeel goodnull organization full of bright, happy kids who go camping.
Bob Wienullrs Operations Director
Up until now, we havennullt been seen as an advocate
nullenore Bonno Production Manager
to help young people. We havennullt been perceived as a
nullsa Hott Advertising
Production Manager
purveyor of solutions to their problems.
nullrcie nullodriguez Imaging Artist
nullow we can.
John W. nullgranull Circulation Director
We have reintroduced Scouting to people across Judy Branullett Customer Relations
this great land, telling them what we do, and why what
Eugene Handon nullraffic Manager
we do is good for our kids. nullur nullnullnullth anniversary celnull
Brian Cabanban nullsiness Manager
ebration is helping us do that, and helping to redefine
nullois nulloethel Marnullet Researchnull
Scouting to the nullmerican people. Promotion Manager
nullow, it is time for Scouting to be proactive in
Snullcial Contributors
providing solutions for our young people. nullhey are
nulleff Csatarinull Marnull nullacobsnull Cliff nullacobsonnull nullosh
the way of the future, and we need to do all we can
Pivennull nullnull nullent Rapplenullenull Marnull Ranullnull Stephen
Regenoldnull nullarrnull Ricenull Candnull Sagonnull Chris nullucnuller
to guide them along the Scouting trail with all the
support we can muster.
Barry Brown Director of Advertising
nullhis is a new direction that we can take in the new
EASnull COASnull SAnullSnull nullnullnull nullnull-nullnull
nullenneth anullnullnull nullatricia Santangelonull
century. We can tackle the problems of youth obesity, Regional Advertising Managers
educational status, singlenullparent families, youth crimes, MIDnullSnull SAnullSnull nullnullnull nullnull nullnull
nullrk nulldeszkonull Publishernulls Representative
and personal safety.
nullSnull COASnull SAnullSnull nullnullnull null-null nullnull
We can cross the cultural and religious bridges that Chuck Carrollnull Publishernulls Representative
we have, at times, shied away from exploring to bring
new and underserved populations into our organizanull
nulle esidentnull onull
the nullited States
tion. We will be millions strong.
BnullnullCnull OBnullnull nullonorarnull President nullSA

John ttnull schalk President nullSA
nullenerations of Scouts will soon explore the
n nullobert J. nullzzuc a Chief Scout Enullecutive
wonders of our new nullational Scouting nullenter in West
Janulls B. nullobak Chairman Magazines
nullirginia, thanks to the tremendous nullnullnull million contrinull Advisornull Committee
bution from, and remarkable vision of, Stephen null. Bechtel nullr.
We will never have to reintroduce Scouting to the nullmerican people
Scouting magazine (ISSN 0036-9500)
is published five times a year by the Boy Scouts of
Americanull nullnullnullnull Bonull null5null0null9null Irvinullnullnull nullnull null50null5-null0null9null
Issues are nullanulluary-nullebruarynull nullarch-Aprilnull nullay-nullunullenull
It is my fervent hope that we inspire others like you to embrace
Scouting like never before.
nullopyrinullht null null0null0 by the Boy Scouts of Americanull
All rinullhts thereunullder reservednull anullythinullnull appearinullnull
nullhatnulls my hope for a perfect world. nullhatnulls my hope for the next
inull Scoutinull may t null be reprinulled either nullolly or inull
part nullthout nullittenullpermissionull Senull stampednullself-
century for Scouting.
addressed enullvelope nullith unullsolicited manulluscriptsnull
photosnullillustrationullnull Scoutinull nullll t null be responullible
I am very proud to work alongside all of you to make that happen.
for manullscriptsnullphotosnullillustrationull inullits office or inull
tranullitnullnullostmasterSenull null address chanulle to Scoutinull
manullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullBonullnullnullnullnull Irvinullnullnull null50null-nullnullnull
nulleriodical postanulle paid at Irvinullnullnull nullenullnullnull anulld at addi-
tionullal mailinullnull officesnull AnullnullnullnullSS nullnullANnullnull nullnull nullISSnullnull
nullnullnullInullSnull Notify Scoutinullnull manullanullinullenull nullnullnullnull Bonull null5nullnull0nullnull
Irvinullnullnull nullnull null50null5-nullnull0nullnull Senulld label from old copynull or
nullive nullamenull addressnull Scoutinullnull unullitnull anulld positionull (for
roBert J. mazzuca chanulle of address nullve both old anull nullnulladdresses)null
Chief SCout exeCutive
All renullistered Scouters receive Scoutinullnull manullanullinullenull
null of the renullstrationullfee is for the subscriptionull
nullinulled anull bounull by nulladnullaphicsnull
8 Scouting   ¿

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